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This is my Lumberjack Loon Deck.  This deck contains Lumberjack, Balloon, Hog Rider, Ice Wizard, Witch, Zap or Fireball, Mega Minion, and Archers. Although this is a a fairly expensive deck the outcome is deadly and a really good starting hand can change the game tremendously.

Lumberjack Loon Deck Card Breakdown

  • Lumberjack-  This thing in front of any semi tanky card will do some crazy damage.  If you put it in front of Balloon or Hog Rider, its crazy.  Lumberjack can also be used as a defensive card and if you put it with a mega minion is a good counter for Elite Barbarians, Royal Giant, Giant, etc.  This card makes up the deck and it changes the game.
  • Balloon-  Ever since its last buff the card has been insane.  It does crazy damage, but the only problem was that it was slow and it didn't have a lot of HP.  When the Lumberjack dies the rage will drop and it will get at least one hit but has the potential to do two or three hits.  If an opponent places an Inferno or Cannon.  The Lumberjack will probably take it out but it will die from the tower.  The rage will drop and the Loon zooms to the tower and gets 2-3 hits. The combo is godly.
  • Hog Rider- A very commonly used card. Although is not as strong as Lumberjack Balloon combo it is still very strong. The strategy for Hog Lumberjack combo would be the same.  Also, Hog Rider is a good counter for Elite Barbarians, which are very commonly used.
  • Zap/Fireball- In my opinion Zap is the second best spell in the game behind Graveyard.  Zap will take out Skeleton Armies and reset other cards. Fireball is usually a negative elixir trade so I would avoid.
  • Ice Wizard-  I love this card.  It is a solid counter push with Balloon and it has splash damage so it can take out hordes.  If it is late in the game Ice Wizard and Balloon are a good combo because the Ice Wizard will slow down whatever defense your opponent uses and Balloon will take the tower out.
  • Archers-  Very good defense and if you put them behind a heavy card like Hog or Balloon they will do some good damage
  • Mega Minion- One of the strongest defensive cards in the game right now and will also do some really good damage if you place him behind a heavy card
  • Witch- This card is silent. but deadly in this deck.  You can put a Lumberjack in front of it for a very good counter push.  Also against non splash damage cards her Skeletons distract them so she can take them out.

If you start out with Balloon or Hog Rider and Lumberjack wait for your elixir to reach ten.  Then place your Lumberjack in front and Balloon and Hog Rider behind.  The lumberjack needs to be in front so make sure the Hog doesn't slip ahead. Wait a second and place Archers or Ice Wizard behind it If the opponent places a building or  you should take it out quickly and if he places Skeleton Army or Minion Horde you can Fireball/Zap it and let your Archers or Ice Wizard take them out.  This should do some pretty good damage and you should almost be cycled around.

If they place a heavy offensive card such as Elite Barbs and you don't have strong defensive card, you can place a Hog and the Barbs will chase it a good while letting your tower get some hits and letting you cycle in new cards and take it out.  If they place a building only card you'll will put two of any defensive cards (Witch, Ice Wizard, Mega Minion, Archers and even Lumberjack).  If he attacks first place any two defensive cards and if it is in the beginning of the match that should set up a pretty good counter push.


  • Lumberjack- you could use Rage spell but the deck would not be nearly as good
  • Balloon- P.E.K.K.A, Elite Barbs, Giant Skeleton, or any high damage card
  • Ice Wizard- Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirits
  • Mega Minions- 3 elixir Minions
  • Witch- Wizard
  • Zap/Fireball- Tornado and Arrows

Tricky Matchups

Golem is really tricky with this deck you have to really commit to defending him.  Mega Minion and Ice Wizard are really good for defending him.  And if you add a building and Tornado that will take it out.