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Best Decks for Clash Royale PC

Best Decks for Clash Royale PC

Just recently I managed to pull an electro wizard and I started mixing this card with some of my decks and working out which combinations work the best. If Electro Wizard is your only legendary then I highly recommend this deck.

Here's the breakdown of the cards

Electro Wizard- Good at eliminating small incoming hordes and a very versatile support unit when you finally counter push. pair it with zap to wreck then Miner-Minion Horde Combo. Pair it with a building  and it can destroy most Hog pushes. Useful alternative to zap if your opponent runs a zap bait deck. Especially effective when used on defense and translated into a counter push. Can be replaced with Wizard or Ice Wizard or Bowler

Zap- Electro Wizard is no replacement for zap. The most used spell in the game is still necessary for defending against most swarms. It's also a tactical card which can be used to defend your hog during a push and stun the tower for a bonus. No Replacements

Fireball- One of the most used rares nowadays. Paired with zap it can kill medium health units such as Musketeer, Barbarians, Witch, Wizard, and Ice Wizard. If one of the listed troops are placed at the back. Its always good to fireball them and inflict 200 or so damage to the crown tower. It's also used for clutch wins. I'm pretty sure everyone has this card. But if not it can be replaced with Rocket

Tombstone- Cheap and has amazing defensive capabilities. It can shut down a solo Giant, Prince, and PEKKA for a positive elixir trade. Paired with any other defensive unit, say Mega Minion or Ice Golem, it can completely shut down elite Barbarians. Can be replaced with inferno tower.

Hog Rider- Your main win condition. Support him with Electro Wizard, Ice Golem, Archers, or Mega Minion he will deal devastating damage to the tower.

Ice Golem- No doubt one of the best cards in the game right now. At tournament standards, he can clear Skeleton Army and Clones. He can be used to distract Lava pups when the Lava Hound pups (pun intended), he can force Miner, Giant Skeleton, Elite barbarians, and more to re target and works very well with the other cards in this deck. if you can't use him, I recommend knight but it's also substitutabe with Ice Spirit

Archers- The twins synergize very well with most cards. Splitting them is very effective to start since you can chose to defend or attack. It's also a counter to Graveyard and sometimes even a fireball bait

Mega Minion- last but not least the Mega Minion can counter most things when paired with another unit. It's sturdier than normal minions so it's better suited against splash units and Air tanks since it can't die to to arrows or fireball. It can be replaced with Minions since they have higher DPS but they do die to arrows.

Good against Pump decks, other Electro Wizard decks, Elite Barbarian decks and even three musketeer decks.
3.1 Elixir Average cost.
Effectively counters air, clone, zap bait, sparky, inferno dragon, and siege decks
Not everyone has the Electro Wizard
Weak against freeze graveyard or spawned decks but at higher arenas spawned deck usage is low.

For the first minute or so, push softly with Hog-Ice golem. Refrain from using Electro Wizard as an offensive card. Defend using whatever you have on hand and translate whatever remaining troops into a hog counter push. Once you see your opponents win condition\s, save the primary counter for that unit/spell. Example Graveyard-Archers Goblin Barrel- Zap Sparky- Electro Wizard etc. ( I will explain more on countering later) during this period you want to defend any incoming attacks and fireball any annoying spawners, pumps, and support troops placed in the back at The same time clipping the tower. Once an attack has been repeled, any surviving troops can be easily turned into a counterpush. Take note of your enemies rotation so you know when to mini push
The Next Minute each player should know what the opponent is keeping in their hand. Keep up the strategy of counterpushing and mini pushes.
But if you can afford to strike big why not?
The double elixir period is when most decks shine. This is no exception since it's a control deck. Start with the slowest moving troops at the back then add in the faster more powerful ones when they reach the bridge. Tip. If you can cycle 2 electro wizards it can shut down slow attacking troops such as wizard, musketeer, bowler, and more. Simultaneous Electro wizard blasts can deny most troops from reacting and fighting back.

Countering Popular Cards
Inferno Tower- if your enemy's primary defense is the Inferno, then it would be reasonable to support him with an Elctro Wizard.
Sparky- if the Ewiz is in the house, Sparky doesn't stand a chance
Elite Barbarians- Kite with ice golem and destroy with Mega Minion or tombstone.
Skarmy- Zap, Electro Wiazrd or Ice Golem can shut down this popular defensive card.
Graveyard- Archers, Electro Wizard, or Ice Golem
Lava Hound - Archers/Mega Minion kill the Hound, Ice Golem and Electro Wizard can mitigate a bulk of the damage.
Hog Rider- Tombstone + any other troop
PEKKA- Tombstone Elctro Wizard can stop him
Princess- Archers or Meagaminion are the cheapest counters in this deck
Spawners- fireball the spawners+ the tower for an elixir advantage




Hi guys, SenseiPete here with rundown of a golem deck i've been using for a couple of weeks now. I originally started off with a common golem prince beatdown but have evolved a lot of this deck to my playstyle. This deck might not be for everyone but it suits  me well. This is my first deck submitted to CRA so let me know how I did. With that said lets get right into the card breakdown!

Card Breakdown:

  1. Golem- ok so obviously by the title this is a golem deck. He will be the first one to take the hits as you storm the tower. He has a huge elixir cost of 8 and since there is no collector in this deck you will for the most part be placing him behind the king tower so you can regain elixir for your push.
  2. Inferno Dragon- Like a flying Inferno tower, this 4 elixir cost card will be a huge offensive push behind your golem, or can counter a push such as another golem deck with ease. just make sure you know where the opponents zap is because that can be a nightmare to deal with.
  3. Bomber- One of the most versatile cards in the game. the bomber can do massive amounts of damage to a tower and for only 3 elixir it is a no-brainer. it can also be used defensively to help counter things like witch or barbarians.
  4. MetaMinion- Do I honestly need to explain this card... Of course there's a mega minion in this deck! This flying brute can counter balloons, kill elite barbarians, murder tanks, and do a number on the towers. Even after the nerf this guy works his way into all of my decks and is a bargain for 3 elixir.
  5. Minion Horde- I have toyed back and forth with this and the minions but i finally decided to just go for it. while the minions are rising as a powerful counter to the graveyard meta i find that for the extra 2 elixir I can make a huge counter push out of this card anyways. The minions will still work fine in this place but I personally recommend you give the horde some love too.
  6. Ice Wizard- (Could be replaced with Baby Dragon) not everyone has a Ice Wizard but if you do this is a great deck to use it because of its freezing effect that can be huge at slowing down towers or counter pushes to give your golem more time. Defensively he can counter many cards easily combined with a tower or minion horde. For the most part he is all around a good card that can leave your opponent crying at the end of every match
  7. Zap- In case you have been living under a rock for the last forever, the zap is one of the most versatile cards in the game. for this deck it will serve as a counter to any scum trying to use a skeleton horde on your golem or it can be great if your opponent has an inferno tower/dragon to reset their dmg outputs before they get to out of hand. Without the zap most golem decks will get melted by the inferno tower/dragon.
  8. Arrows- Most people only play a zap or arrows but not both. This is slightly unorthodox in the current game meta but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. people don't expect both cards, if they try to bait your zap you still have another card ready to ruin there plans.

Ok so I need to clear some things up:

YES: this deck works.

YES: this deck is legit.

YES: I have two spell cards that do the same thing.

YES: There is no Tombstone, and

YES: There is no Collector.


Early Game:

Option A: (Golem on first draw)

Play the golem behind the king tower at 10 elixir. Most people wait for the other player to make the first move but this is an aggressive deck. If the other player drops cards before you get golem off, then counter his push and wait for a safer time to place golem when you know he can't instantly counter it.

Option B (No Golem on first draw)

You can check for arrows or zap with horde. Yes if he has arrows than you just ruined a perfectly good horde but if he has zap this can be important to know for later since we have inferno dragon, if we have a push going you can bait the zap again with horde before dropping the dragon so it can melt his tower.

Mid Game: After the first 30-60 seconds you should have a good idea of the deck your up against so now you should get a push going when safe. remember to put the golem behind the king so you can gain elixir before you cross bridge. without a collector it is important that you have elixir by the time he reaches the bridge. If the golem triggers a push on the other bridge then counter has cheaply as possible so you can still place 1-2 cards behind your golem after the tower starts to hit him.

2X Elixir: Hopefully before 2X elixir you have gotten at least one tower and can play defensively. If the game is tied it might be your best move to go all out for one of his side towers. This deck can be very aggressive but a lot of its push cards can still be used together as a solid defense in the last 60 seconds of the match.

Overtime: If the game goes into overtime then I would again recommend you turn defensive counters into a powerful offensive push. your towers take priority over the opponents. this is one of the only times I would say it is safe to Place a golem in front of a tower, the Defensive golem can work decently but it can only do so much, and if he is using a hog-cycle deck then your wasting your elixir.

Thanks for Listening in, hope you guys like this deck. I'm going to be trying out some more golem decks in the future but for now this is the best deck I have made by myself. This is my first CRA so if you guys like than hopefully I will post some more. <3

So I created Miner deck.I played few games,and realized that deck is awesome!The deck has 3 legendaryes,but you can substitute 2.This deck is also a zapbait deck when playing on defense.So let's get to the deck!
  • Miner (lvl.1)-Your win condition.Great cheap tank,IMO best card in the game,great for taking Princesses out,use him only to tank something or to simply chip at your opponent's tower.DO NOT use him on defense.he can act as a surprise tank. A Miner backed up by high damage per second troops such as Goblins or Minions is a cheap way to deal immense damage.Use Miners to efficiently destroy enemy buildings such as spawners when they are not attacking or distracted. Note that his damage is only reduced to Crown Towers, and will deal normal damage to other buildings.He can easily do damage to Elixir Collectors especially if the Crown Towers are distracted, preventing an Elixir advantage for the opponent, all whilst gaining an advantage. (3 Elixir to destroy a 6 Elixir building)
  • Ice Wizard (lvl.2)-One of the best defensive cards in the game,use him only on defense.You can substitute him with any other 3 elixir card.But if you have Ice Wizard,it will be good to use him.The Ice Wizard can deal with low health swarms well because of his moderate area damage. Nevertheless, he is also a good counter for opposing troops with higher health, notably slowing enemy units' movement and attack speed.If placed in the middle of your side of the arena, the Ice Wizard can defeat a group of Barbarians.
  • Princess (lvl.2)-The Princess' ranged area damage makes her a good counter for hordes of low hitpoint troops.When defending against an enemy rush, deploying her at the back of the Arena is beneficial, as her long range will allow her to attack while receiving no incoming hits.Great card for chip damage,does big amount of damage when left alone.Substitute her with Dart Goblin or Archers.Use her both on offense and defense.A well placed Fireball, Arrows, The Log or Goblins can easily eliminate the Princess.
  • Elite Barbarians (lvl.10)-#2 win conditon.I know there will be many people in the comments saying:"I hate EB,EB are for noobs,EB are cancer...",but Elite Barbarians are different than RG.RG IS for noobs,but you need to know how to use Elite Barbarians.They are not like the Royal Giant,you just put RG on the river and that is all you need to know about him.But EB are different.Use them both on offense and defense,DO NOT use them till overtime to see what counters opponent has to EB.When they use their counter(Skarmy,Barbarians,Minion Horde etc.)drop Elite Barbarians down and see crying faces.They will surprise becuase you use them first time,and they will be mad becuase they don't have counter to it.
  • Skeleton Army (lvl.4)-After buff,Skarmy become one of the best cards in the game.Due to their high numbers, the Skeleton Army is effective against slowly attacking, single target, and high hitpoint enemy troops such as the P.E.K.K.A, Prince or Giant.Mainly used on defense.My favorite defense combo is Inferno Tower for tank & Skarmy for support.They can't zap both,so they must choose one.
  • Inferno Tower(lvl.7)-Only building in the deck.Use him to melt tanks,especially pesky Royal Giant.There is nothing else to say about Inferno Tower.
  • Fireball(lvl.7)-#3 win conditon.Yes,it is not typo,Fireball is one of the win conditons!Use Fireball to damage tower and fireball the 3 elixir or more card.Example:Opponent plays Archers behind the Crown Tower,I'm fireballing it immediate.You will be in elixir disadvantage,but you will make over 1200 damage in the whole game!That is nearly half of the tower!Great chip damage and that Fireballs are gonna make your opponent mad!He can't use his card,becuase you will destroy it!
  • Zap(lvl.10)-IMO best spell in the game.I use it in every deck becuase his versality.Great for swarms of troops,only 2 elixir,IMO better than Log.Great on offense and on defense.

Attacking combos:

  • Miner + Elite Barbarians
  • Miner + Fireball
  • Miner + Princess
  • Princess on the bridge
  • Alone Miner
  • Elite Barbarians + Fireball and/or Zap
  • Skarmy + Elite Barbarians
  • Miner + Skarmy

Defensive combos:

Inferno tower + Skarmy(most of the time)

Ice Wizard + Inferno Tower

Ice Wizard + Skarmy

Alone Inferno Tower(Hog pushes)

Ice Wizard + Skarmy + Inferno Tower (unstoppable defense,but high elixir cost)