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Golems, IceSpirit, Tornado, Archers, Princess, Fireball, zap

Ok so, since i started playing in november i think, ive tried to stay away from metas. At least adding some nonmeta cards in all of my decks. Lately ive been experimenting alot with the tornado, which does have alot of funfactor to it.

This deck may be hard to play in the beginning, especialy since it has no defencive structures, however, it does have the tornado, which with some plactice can work just as fine.

A lot of common cards, so its easy to level up
Alot of direct damage spells
only 3.0 elixir cost
alot of fun moments with tornado plays

No defencive buildings like Cannon/Tombstone/Infernotower
Vounerable to weak startinghands (having 3 spells and the Elitebarbs)

Why these cards?
As we all know these bastards are quite strong at this moment, maybe abit too strong in my opinion. These are your main killcard, which means it should not be missused. Due to its 6 elixir cost, a weak elitebarb placement could cost you a game. Therefore, save your Elitebarbs untill the right moment, being to eighter counter a 5+ elixir card or push like Musketeer or Giant (if you know your Opponent is low on elixir it works fine to counter Hogs too). Another way to counter your enemy with a elitebarb is punishing them for overspending elixir in one lane. Say you both are about full elixir and you enemy sends out a heavy push in one lane, then you should consider sending your Elitebarbs naked through the other lane, but be certain that you have enough elexir to stop their push, otherways it will most likely backfire.

In my opinion the number 1 tank in this game! its 2 elixir cost makes it great for alot of things. First of all, it could work as simply a cyclecard, if you end up having 9 elixir and nothing to do, just simply put your icegolem in the back to get to your next card. This creates the opertunity to create a later push, sending in archers or elitebarbs behind it to deal some great damage. However, since you've only spent 2 elixir, you havnt really comited enough elixir to bind yourself having to suport it, just simply let it go naked if other options seems like a bether plan. Due to it ignoring enemy troops and high health it also works great for kiting, say your enemy crosses the river with somthing like a Infernodragon or Giant Skeleton that targets troops, just simply place it 1 tile over to the other lane by the river, and the icegolem will drag incoming troops over to the other lane leting both of your towers target them on the way. This also works to counter the elitebarbs, but due to them being 2 you have to put it just bearly in the same lane and abit closer to your tower to make both of them target the IceGolem, then just simply place down a Ice Spirit, Archers or even Princess further into the other lane to make them run even further and tank even more damage, leaving you with possitive elixir trade. Also remember its splashdamage on death, which can take out Scarmy for a possitive elixirtrade or combined with zap, take out a minionhorde with possitive elixirtrade even on their side of the river.

For more advanced tactics check out this: ""

Icespirit is just a great cyclecard, its 1 elixir makes it great to just jump onto the next card without loosing much elixir. Its freeze can also be used to buy yourself some a little bit of time. Its splash damage could take out just enough of a troop to make your tower finnishing it of with a possitive elixirtrade. Also sending it behind Elitebarbs could give them just the extra 1 swing ech, that will deal gamewinning dmg. Last but not least, you can use it to rederect or reset your opposing troops, say opsing elitebarbs are on your elitebarbs, just simply deploy Ice Golem, Ice Spirits to make them retarget on the Golem instead of your Barbs. It can also reset Sparky, Infernocards and the Prince's charges.

This card could be a great contribution to your deck, however, used wrong, it could simply be a suicidecard. When i first made this deck, i took a deck that i had been havin some kind of a success with, and replaced my canon with a tornado, leaving me with no defencive buildings. In other words, if you know your enemy has a Hogrider, Giant or Royal Giant, you need to save your tornado to counter these. Simply place the tornado in the middle of your side of the river (do some experimenting yourself on what hapends when you place it in difrent distances from the river), which will make both your towers attack the troops. This is ofcourse a weaker tactic than just putting out a cannon at the same cost, so why use the tornado? what i like about the tornado is that it canot die! when you place your tornado, you have it for 3 secounds, and it will kill all weak troopers like skeletons, minions, Lavapuffs and goblins, leaving only a rooted tank and probably some low health ranged troops. Now you have a lot of options, eighter you can place down some damagetroops like Archers or Princess to deal damage, or even finnish of with a fireball or zap. If youre still not convinced about the tornado, i can tell you, this same strategy kinda works on the other side of the board to, making your Elitebarbs able to simply crush that crowntower, but be carefull, playing tornado ofencive leaves you without your main defence. It takes some practice to figure out how to use tornado in difrent situations, but have fun with your tornado, and it will serve you well!

Archers are just a great defence, just put them safe away in the backline and they work great against both air and ground, often even leading to a counterpush where you can place your golem in front to deal some chipdamage. They are however you only real damagedealing troopers against air and Graveyard so keep this in mind when facing a heavy air deck or Graveyarddeck.

Where do i start, i love this card! combine this with the tornado for some real aoe dmg, when she has taken care of their attacking troops, send somthin down the oposite lane of which se runs, leaving them having to decide where to put their elixir. Be creative with your placement of the Princess, i often like to place her close to the middle so she can target both lanes. Be carefull placing her behind your kingtower(or close to other troops), since this leaves your opponent with the posibility to fireball her as she passes your crowntower, dealing damage to your tower and killing your princess with a possitive elixirtrade.

Fireball is a great spell, it dealing great damage along with fairy low elixircost, gives you the opertunity to create a possitive elixirtrade. As mentioned your enemy can use fireball to kill your troops if they are placed all the way back with your king, but so can you! If the enemy places a squishy target all the way back there or grooped together, make sure to punnish them for it! experiment with how much is needed to kill difrent troops, and i can asure you, fireball will be one of your most valuable tool both in tournaments standards and in the ladder

I actualy can not play a deck without zap... its just a great tool, having a little stun that can reset charging troops, this low aoe damage that can kill Sceletons, minions and even minionhorde if playd corectly, makes it, in my opinions, the best card in the game with a cost of only 2 elixir.

How to play the deck:
Beginning of game:
Use the earlygame to figure out your opponent, test out difrent things against them, with everything from building up small pushes with IceGolem and archers to chipping them down with your princess or heavy counterpushes with your Elitebarbarians, just remember to play adaptive. Do not overspend your elixir, since you have no real 1 card to defend with, you will need to stay at least a fairly equal elixir as your oponent, therefore be carefull about making big pushes unless you know it will bring victory. Try to figure out your enemys weak spot and punnish them for it.

Double elixir:
It is tempting to just send away a lot of troops once the bell rings, but keep calm, play on what you know, and outplay your opponent. Remember that taking 1 tower and defending it is as much of a victory as taking the kingtower!

Ideal situations:

The key to victory is always to lead the match into a position where you controll the board. Ideal situations are when you manage to be all over the place.
Example 1:
Say you have equal elixir and your opponent sends out a lavahound, costing him 7 elixir. Make sure to put pressure on the oposite lane, preventing them to build up these masive pushes. This is where your elitebarbarians excels (making your opponent having to defend with at least 4-5 elixir making you even). Your goal is to get the lavahound alone, which isnt much of a threat really, just put down your archers and princess to
deal some extra damage, put down your tornado once the Lavahound dies to kill of its puffs. now you have both archers and princess coming up towards your opponents side of the river, you should be able to cycle back to elitebarbs by now, leaving you with the posebility to send them down the opposite lane of your princess.

Example 2:
Say your opponent sends out a Ice Gollem, Hogrider push, just simply put your archer down and drag the push into the middle of your side with tornado, leaving you with a equal elixirtrade, but giving you the archers to come back up, reinforce them with a gollem and they will have to defend it leaving you with a elixiradvantage.

Example 3:
Say your opponent have managed to build up a large push with a Giant(5 elixir), Musketeer (5 elixir) and a megaminion (3 elixir) with a total of 13 elixir. Put down your tornado (3 elixir) in the middle to make them all targetable by both of the towers, put down your archers and/or princess (both being 3 elixir) and fireball (4 elixir) it all as it has clumped upp thanks to the tornado, leaving you with a 7-10 elixir usage against their 13, with a possibility counterpush.

Example 4:
Say your opponent sends out a naked Hog, or you are able to isolate some other trooper with some health, you can actualy use your tornado to pull a troop infront of your kingtower, making them attack it to activate it. This will help you ALOT in defending further into the game (if your opponent uses a miner, this is supereasy as long as he dusnt put it on the outside of the crowntower). Be carefull though, pulling in somthing like both elitebarbs may do more damage to your kingtower than what is worth.

Okay guys  im new but i want to share a really good deck with you all which has helped me alot. Im nearing 4000 trophies with this deck. So lets get to the deck


Royal Giant= You all know what this bad boy does and it is a key card in this deck . Play at the bridge mostly to surprise your opponent and try supporting it.

Elite Barbarians= Elite Barbarians are very strong and versatile card and are used in almost every battle. In this deck use them as a defense card to get a huge positive elixir trade as opponent loses his/her tank and then have to deal with then and luckily enough you will end up getting massive damage on his tower..

Zap=I do not need to explain but far better than arrows or log as it can take out skarmy instantly and also reset inferno or sparky so they offer a deadly threat to their skelleton army or ither defense which can lead to weak offense..

Fireball= A very versatile card use to take out group of enemy troops for positive elixir trade.

Archers= Very useful card in this meta as they can deal with graveyard effectively and also take out enemy distraction troops easily..

Minions= A must have card i personally choose it over mega minion as they have faster attack speed and are more in number so can counter enemy swarms better as they will target more at once

Furnace= A really great card to use and it just takes out enemy swarms in an instant. Making way for you RG and offee huge positive elixir trade.

Skeleton Army= A really strong and deadly card if your opp doesnt have zap in rotation. Use on defence mostly to distract and deal damage.


Starting hand= I personally like using minion, archers or Furnace to start my match and i recommend do not split archer unless countering opponents cards..Same for minions

Offense= Main win condition is Royal giant and i personally like to pair with minions as minions will kill elite barbs before they reach tower if rg is tanking them so it makes it annoying for opponent and he may make mistakes costing him the match. Also minions then just rip through skarmy so he will have to choose. I personally play rg when i have furnace down or only when i do not have any good hand .With some supports from firespirits from furnace it can deal with anything saving you trouble for defence..

Defence = Furnace is a great defensive card and can easily take care of swarms which are popular atm and also provide support to rg and occasionally chip some damage it also is a great distraction for hog and will be key for you to win against hog decks. Elite barbarians are beast on defense and can rip through any tank in a matter of seconds and provide a deadly counter. With fire spirts minions and archer oppoent will occasionally end up using his log or zap somewhere else so then skarmy comes into play and can defend well..

Cards to lookout for= Princess is a very good card against this deck as firespirts are important in this deck as just fireball her and if possible get more value by fireballing more troops with her at once..

Strategy against decks

Tank and alow buildup decks (Giant, Golem, Pekka..etc)= Just use rg in other lane to disturbe their push and tank alone can be taken out pretty easily.. This works even against Lava hound decks but keep your zap ready as only threat is skarmy cuz opponent just used ton of elixir.

Lava miner= Push other side and leave lava hound and later drop archers .. and uf he send in miner just fireball it all.

Miner cycle= This deck is pretty easy to deal with as they want to bait you zap just make sure you use zap at your side of map very rarely and counter using minions ir archers and use even if you opponwnt has both skarmy and inferno just make sure you place rg right when firespirits are dropped and use zap on inferno tower..

Graveyard= Fairly easy to counter use archers to deal with em place archer near king tower and if opp runs a freeze then yse archers to baut freeze and then use your minions to shut down the push.

Hog rider= Just try to mess up their cycle with playing in predictable like alternating counter with elite barbs and skarmy.

Hope this is informative and helpful.