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Hey everybody it's Duke again with my favorite rendition of the Hog + Rocket Deck. This variation works great in challenges and even with my level 6 Hog I get 10 wins regularly in a classic challenge. Here's the link to download Clash Royale PC:

This is a chip damage type deck featuring the Furnace, Hog Rider, The Log and Fire Spirits as big chip cards.

General Strategies:

  • Opening: The ideal starting hand has the Furnace, Hog Rider, or Barbarians. I will sometimes start aggressively with a Hog Rider and Fire Spirits push just to test the waters. Having the Barbarians is useful if your opponent rushes with Elite Barbarians.
  • Offense: I am admittedly a sloppy Hog Rider player so what I usually do with this deck is place the Hog Rider in front of some supporting troops used for defense into a counter push. If I am lucky and there are fire spirits spawning from the Furnace, they will take out any weak units and I will try to have my Log ready to react to a Skeleton Army of something like that. I usually end up saving the Rocket to simply finish off towers. Most matches end up as one to zero wins and I usually only use the Rocket once. That’s why this is a good challenge deck. The Rocket cycle also benefits from the three minute overtime.
  • Defense: This deck has ample air defense with Fire Spirits, Archers, and Musketeer to take down any air-based decks. For Elite Barbarians, the simple trade is regular Barbarians. On your side, they shut down Elite Barbarians very well. The interaction takes several seconds allowing you to build up elixir for a counter push. I don’t usually Log a Goblin Barrel as my opponent is likely to have something else for me to Log, Archers take care of the Barrel with only a couple hits. Archers are the obvious choice for Graveyard.

Key Card Usage:

  • Rocket: Obvious cards to Rocket are the Elixir Collector and X-Bow. Other than those, I usually try to hold on and hide my Rocket from my opponent. At the tournament standard (I wouldn’t recommend ladder play with this deck), each cycle has 597 HP of direct damage. This bears well for those super defensive battles that go deep into overtime. In double elixir, you can expect to cycle through your rotation every 30-40 seconds, this means that throughout the three minute overtime you can expect to cycle through about five times. With 597 damage per cycle, five cycles is more than enough to completely destroy (2985 damage)a full health Arena Tower (2534 HP).
  • Barbarians (with respect to Elite Barbarians): If your opponent doesn’t have a Fireball, then the placement of your Barbarians really does not matter much at all, as long as you pull both Elite Barbarians away from the Tower. If they do Fireball your Barbarians, they will get erased very quickly, but keep in mind that your opponent just used all 10 of their elixir and you can place Archers or Fire Spirits to clean up the Elite Barbarians and still come away elixir positive.


  • This deck is very customizable and cards like Archers, Musketeer, and Fire Spirits can be swapped for any card of your choice.

Go ahead and have fun trolling your opponents with the last minute Rockets and annoying chip damage. Feel free to comment and suggest ways to improve this deck and as always, Happy Clashing!


Zap is very effective against small troops with low health such as minions, skeleton army, spear goblins, etc. I use zap when they build a large push of small troops. I sometimes push with the elite barbarians at the start of Clash Royale PC if i have zap prepared. Many people counter elite barbs with skeleton army which i then zap. I also use zap when i use my hog to take out surrounding troops similar to when they counter elite barbs. A good push with this deck is ice golem in front of hog. The tower will target the ice golem and if they put skeleton army down or something, the death damage from ice golem will most likely kill the troops. Elite barbs are also a great counter-push card when taking out a tank or even when they have 2 troops that don't do area damage.

Bowler destroys large ground troop pushes when they attempt a ground push. You will most likely then have elixir to counter push with your leftover bowler. Ice wizard + bowler is a great defensive team against large pushes. Ice golem is great on defense for distracting troops and slowing them down with death damage. It is great against elite barbs and bowler can also take out elite barbs when he continuously pushes them back. Ice wizard can also atleast slow down tanks if you are desperate to defend and just need to slow him down for the win at the end of Clash Royale PC.

Archers take out small health troops as well as non-tanky air cards. They can counter a musketeer with your tower also attacking the musketeer, the musketeer will die and not get a hit off on your tower. Minions take out ground troops and air troops, they are also a great counter against graveyard which I used to have trouble defending against. Archers can also manage to defend against graveyard. Also zap destroys the annoying goblin barrel.

The ice wizard I chose because it was my first legendary so I was excited to try him, bowler because he was new for me when i got him, elite barbs because they are slightly OP, zap because it attacks quickly while taking out the small troops, ice golem because i realized he was great defensively and because he is a great combo with hog. Hog I chose finally after testing other troops that targeted buildings, I liked him the most because he was fast, good amount of health, and good damage, and only four elixir. Archers and minions for support against small troops and air troops.

This deck helped me get to legendary arena, from 2300-3043 trophies currently. And I am still rising in trophies. I made this deck after picking cards that made sense to me and ones that I was excited to use. The two cards that perfected this deck for me was archers and minions as I did not know at first which less expensive troops I'd use. I hope this deck can help others that have a hard time countering elite barbs or who are struggling to find a deck to push to legendary arena and maybe other decks just aren't working for them. I just want to share my homemade deck with others. (I just built myself this deck after trying others from online that did not work for me).

15 Décembre 2017